Wednesday, July 17

The Reality of Wanting Your Boyfriend Back

I wish there was some way that I could jump into your world and talk some sense into your guy.

If it's anything like I've been through with relationships, it's probably difficult to get him to hear you out without you feeling upset or angry.

Maybe you're at the point where there is no communication between the two of you.

The fact of the matter is that things have come to a standstill 'cause of a disconnect in UNDERSTANDING, more so than from a lack of love.

When you weren't getting your needs met this impacted the way he felt.

Guys feel as if they have to SOLVE your problems. What we really want is for them to LISTEN. They think that if they can't help you by giving you a solution then they're of no help. We feel that they're not helping and not caring 'cause they simply aren't listening.

Regardless of the reasons for the final break in the relationship, the fact of the matter is things are definitely not like how they used to be.

At this point, you know things are bad and pretty bad probably, but you can't help but want to be with him.

You want him back and that's the only way you know right now. Because this is how you feel right now, no one, no way, no how can make you think differently.

If someone tells you to move on, you want to tell them where to go. If someone says you should just forget about him, you want to tell them to shove it. If someone says that it's his loss, you know they have no clue - especially if they've never been through something like this before! So easy for them to say.

That person giving you advice can see things objectively, while you are all caught up in some crappy emotions.

However, you know yourself the best and you know him the best.

And right now, gosh darn, you just want him back, or should I say NEED him back - fast!

-xo Kat

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